Neck pillow, eye mask, socks and blanket made of fine cashmere transform your journey into a uniquely soft and warm experience. Packed in a space-saving cashmere pouch, the Cashmere Travel Set is your exclusive companion wherever you may roam. 

The Cashmere


Exclusive Mongolian cashmere   

The Production


Sustainable values in practice 

Crazy for you – my cashmere

The memory of my first business class flight to meet with my business partner in New York still brings a smile to my lips. The close attention from the flight attendant, the fine champagne to welcome us on board and the wonderful menu – we enjoyed our flight to the full. 


But before the marathon of meetings in New York, I still needed some sleep. I slipped into the red Swiss socks, took my cotton blanket and enjoyed the peace and quiet that surrounded me. After we landed at JFK, we were in a rush. To my horror I suddenly saw that my black business dress was covered in white cotton bobbles. No amount of rubbing would help, my lint roller was at home and there was no time for me to change my clothes. I took a taxi to 5th Avenue to meet my business partner. She greeted me with “Hello Dalmatian”. We laughed about my dress looking like an inverted Dalmatian. 


The next day, I knew that I would not let this happen again. I looked for the perfect solution. Soft, warm, fine – and guaranteed lint-free: a Cashmere Travel Set. A meeting with a cashmere manufacturer gave me an idea. Neck pillow, eye mask, socks and blanket, packed in an exclusive cashmere pouch. 


I’ve kept my New York nickname, but without the spotted dress. On the plane home I smiled about what had happened and could hardly wait to use my Cashmere Travel Set. 

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